Our consultative teams are anchored by engineers who help turn blue sky thinking into achievable solutions.

See how we harmonize with your team while we help you streamline and amplify your impact.


The traditional product development process is shattered by Linx’s approach problem solving. Award-winning American innovation combined with the best manufacturing China has to offer. Linx’s small, adaptive teams take partnership to a new level by seamlessly embedding themselves into customers’ existing teams and culture. In doing so, Linx becomes the best of three disciplines.




mechanical engineering

New Product Development
Requirements Analysis
Design for Manufacturing
Computer Aided Design
Finite Element Analysis
Automated Assembly
Mold Flow Analysis
Tooling Design
Systems Integration
Third Party Certification

Software Engineering

System Integration
C+ and C++ Server
JSON Server
JQuery SQL Server
ARM Processors
IoT Solutions
PLC Programming
Embedded Software Design
Concurrent PCBA Design
Application Development
Quality Assurance


Automated SMT Assembly
Flexible + Rigid PCBs
Multi-Layer Boards
Custom PCB design
IoT Integration
Electro-Mechanical Products
Quick Turn Prototypes
Quality Assurance
Custom ICs


Product Inspection & Testing
Custom Test Fixtures
2.5D Projector
Vibration Tester
Drop Ball Impact Tester
Tension & Compression Tester
Salt Spray Tester
Temp & Humidity Chamber
Electrical Test Equipment
CMM Machines
Optical Projector